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Long exposure photography - A one shot wonder in Brighton
Creative cropping -  Fine Art Equine Photography
  • Creative cropping - Fine Art Equine Photography

  • Wildlife photography can be rather unpredictable. With landscape, you can set up the tripod, compose a shot and wait for the light conditions to change. With animals, anything could happen. It’s very rare that I have an image from a wildlife shoot where I don’t have to crop. Now with mega pixel sens[...]
White horses floating in the Camargue - Fine art equine photography
How to photograph sunflowers
  • How to photograph sunflowers

  •  First of all here’s some science: I will start by dispelling the myth that all sunflowers follow the sun. Young plants do indeed follow the sun and turn back during the night which is why the French for sunflower is “tournesol”.  Mature sunflowers on the other hand,   always face the risin[...]
The ultimate shoot in the Camargue
  • The ultimate shoot in the Camargue

  • Photographing the white horses in the Camargue gets better and better!I’ve been running photo workshops in the Camargue since 2011 and have lost count of the number of photos of horses I have. I still remember the exhilaration of my first shoot when the horses galloped across the marshland befor[...]