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How to photograph sunflowers
  • How to photograph sunflowers

  •  First of all here’s some science: I will start by dispelling the myth that all sunflowers follow the sun. Young plants do indeed follow the sun and turn back during the night which is why the French for sunflower is “tournesol”.  Mature sunflowers on the other hand,   always face the risin[...]
The ultimate shoot in the Camargue
  • The ultimate shoot in the Camargue

  • Photographing the white horses in the Camargue gets better and better!I’ve been running photo workshops in the Camargue since 2011 and have lost count of the number of photos of horses I have. I still remember the exhilaration of my first shoot when the horses galloped across the marshland befor[...]
Tuscany in the autumn.
  • Tuscany in the autumn.

  • Sometimes perseverance pays off. During my last visit a few years ago, I didn't have any luck with the light and  no misty mornings. It was frustrating but that's the game.This time all the elements came together and my patience was rewarded. I went to a good viewpoint the first morning of my st[...]
Colour temperature of lavender
  • Colour temperature of lavender

  •  It's interesting how the colour of lavender appears to change depending on the time of day. After my recent photo workshop in Provence, where we spend most of our time shooting the lavender fields, I decided to look at how the Auto White Balance had coped with the colour.I found th[...]
Panning shot of the white horses
  • Panning shot of the white horses

  • Panning is a bit hit and miss. You don't quite know what you'll end up with but when it works, it's very effective. It adds another dimension to an image which can be both artistic and surreal. I like to shoot the horses at 30/sec which gives you a fighting chance of having some part of the image be[...]