April 2011

Neouvielle Nature Reserve, Pyrenees.

April is a good month to visit the Pyrenees. Above 2000m there is plenty of snow, the lakes are frozen and above all it is very quiet. The ski season is over and the hiking season hasn’t yet begun, so you have the mountains to yourself. If the weather is on your side, there is a good chance you will return with some good shots.

You need to walk for about 2 hours to reach the snow line but the effort is worth it. As I was with 2 non-photographers, I didn’t take my tripod because there wasn’t time to stop and the extra weight wouldn’t have been welcome. Despite the harsh light and the shots being rushed, I am quite pleased with the results. I will certainly return but next time with a fellow photographer as there is nothing more frustrating than leaving a shot behind. I’m sure you know how I feel!

Not having the luxury of time, I exposed to the sky and lighted the shadows from the raw file. All shots were taken with a Canon 5D MK2 24-105 L series lens.



Photostitched from 3 shots. Néouvielle.

The Corrèze in early April

Spring has come early this year with temperatures hitting 30 degrees. Pretty unusual for the first week of April. The blossom is on the trees, thousands of dandelions sit among the walnut orchards, the mist returns to the valleys……. the memory cards are filling up.
I have attached some images taken last week of my 2 favourite villages in the world: Curemonte and Collonges-la-Rouge, both in the Correze. I am a little biased as I live here but if you have never come to this part of France before and you like landscape and architecture, it’s pretty difficult to beat.

Curemonte in the morning mist. April 2011