Corsica “the most beautiful”

Named by the ancient Greeks as “the most beautiful”, Corsica is, in my opinion, the jewel of the Mediterranean. It was a wonderful surprise to discover Corsica when I first went 5 years ago and it remains one of my favourite places to visit and photograph. Until recently, Corsica was not that easy to get to, with only a few flights from France in the summer and a ferry service. It is opening up now and there are regular flights with Ryan Air and Easyjet from the UK. So, if you want to be ahead of the game, I recommend you visit Corsica soon. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Some of the highlights in the North of the island include the hilltop villages of the Balagne region, the Calanches with it’s red cliffs and the colourful ports of Ajaccio and Calvi. Evisa (featured above), is located East of Ajaccio and is typical of the architecture in Corsica. The high mountain range forms the backbone of the island and is the perfect backdrop for the provencal type villages.

To the South lies the picture-perfect walled town of Bonifacio with its’ white limestone cliffs and Genoese tenements. The coastline is exquisite and undeveloped due to strict building laws. A short boat ride from Bonifacio are the Lavezzi islands, a collection of small limestone islands covered in domes of rock and surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water.

I’ll be running a photo workshop in Corsica from May 1-8 2016  and, due to late cancellation, have a couple of places available, so please contact me if you’d like to join us. It will be small group and we will split our time between the North and South of the island.