Lady  with cigar Havana, Cuba
Lady with cigar Havana, Cuba

Cuba photo tour 2016

I first visited Cuba in 2003 in the hope of seeing the country before it changed for ever. 13 years later and I’m going back, this time to run a photo tour. Every year, I get an update from Cuban friends about how the country is changing. The greatest change is the sudden influx of North American tours which were previously not allowed to visit the country. This makes it all the more important to go to Cuba now before this has an impact on the Cuban culture.

Photographically, Cuba is extremely rich. Portraiture, architecture, landscape, travel…..whatever your preferred style of photography, Cuba has something to offer. The fading grandeur of Havana offers the perfect backdrop for capturing life on the streets. We will explore Havana’s old City which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The colourful squares have been restored to their former glory with cobbled streets and impressive facades.

There will be opportunities to photograph dancers and maybe even boxers in Havana. We will seek out the iconic classic cars that have been ingeniously maintained despite 56 years of US trade embargo. Women often pose in colourful costumes in front of the many colonial buildings holding large bunches of flowers or smoking fat cigars.

In stark contrast to the lively capital, Vinales, which is located about 2 hours west of Havana, has barely changed and is like stepping back in time. Farmers still use carts pulled by oxen. Small huts and cottages are scattered through the valley with the Sierra de los Organos mountains in the background. The deep red soil and majestic Karst mountains are incredibly photogenic at dawn, especially if there is some mist.

East of Havana lies Trinidad, one of my favourite towns in Cuba. The colonial buildings have been beautifully preserved and are like a film set. The energy is contagious and you will not be able to put your camera down even after sunset when the bars and streets are filled with musicians and people dancing the salsa. We will stay in a traditional “casas particulares” in the centre of town where we will experience warm Cuban hospitality. It’s a great location, in walking distance of the old town centre.

If you like colourful, vibrant scenes then Cuba is hard to beat. It’s photo destination that offers a huge variety of subjects and it’s just a matter of time before some