October 2011


In late September Gilly and I went to Corsica for a working holiday. I had been commissioned by France magazine to photograph Pigna, a pretty village in the North of the country with a surprisingly lively arts scene. Then we explored the island where I photographed idyllic beaches, some seascape and picturesque villages.

Corsica is Europe’s best kept secret, so if you get a chance to go, then take it. The water was crystal clear and 24 degrees……I thought I was in the Maldives! The architecture is pretty impressive with citadels clinging to cliffs and ancient villages sitting on rocky outcrops. There were no clouds, so I had to work with the bright, uncompromising light, photographing the beach scenes around midday and everything else at sunrise and sunset. Well someone’s got to!

The rest of the month I am busy running workshops in the Dordogne, Languedoc and Camargue. See November for details.