Autoire waterfall, Lot, France
Autoire waterfall, Lot, France

Photographing waterfalls with the new Canon 5DSr

I just received the new Canon megapixel camera, 5DSr, which shoots files at a whopping 73.56cm x 49.04cm. I’ll use this for landscapes and interiors but not as my walkabout camera as the file sizes are too big and not really necessary. This camera is definitely designed to sit on a tripod, not because of its size but the precision required to get the best out of the camera. Good lenses are a must and the camera should be rock solid to avoid any possible pixel shake.

I attached the 16-35mm F4 lens and went to the nearby waterfalls at Autoire near my home in the Dordogne valley, France. It had rained recently so the cascades were very lively and perfect for testing the image detail. I was particularly interested in using the crop options, namely the square format and 16×9 format. The problem with shooting in the square with the 5D mk3 is you loose a lot of pixels whereas the 5DSr has plenty to spare giving you an image of 49.04 x 49.04.

The detail is amazing. You keep zooming in and the image is still sharp. For lovers of the square format or people who like printing images the size of a house, this is the camera for you. Otherwise, I’d say it’ snot really necessary. I used to shoot with a Hasselblad last century and miss the square format. This camera certainly makes things a lot easier. I love the panoramic format too. I know you can stitch images together easily provided there isn’t too much distortion but when there is movement or a lot of foreground it’s great to crop out of a single image. So, I’m sold on this camera. The only trouble is I’ve got 3 cameras now. This is definitely a first world problem so I won’t complain.

The image featured here is shot using the 16×9 format and processed into B&W using SilverEfex Pro2 at ISO 100, F16 1/4sec.