Still in the lake
Still in the lake

White horses floating in the Camargue – Fine art equine photography

Fog had descended on the Camargue on the first morning of our White Horses photo workshop in October. This provided us with opportunities to photograph the horses in a way rarely seen before. The initial challenge was to be able to see the horses clearly enough through the thick fog. There was no point having them running through the water if we couldn’t actually see them! It became apparent that the “soft focus” look was rather too soft. The visibility was about 30 metres which meant the horses were nearly on top of us when they appeared out of the fog. So I decided it would be best to shoot portraits rather than action shots, at least until the fog lifted a little.

The shallow water can get churned up when the horses have run through it, with ugly lumps of mud breaking the surface of the water. To avoid having this in our shots, we had to walk about 30 metres into the water in our wellington boots and shoot from there. We slowly sunk into the mud so had to keep pulling our feet up to avoid becoming permanent features . This meant we had clear water ahead. The air was very still and it was utterly silent and very atmospheric. I asked the guardians to lead the horses into the water in front of us and let them settle until the water was completely calm. This created perfect reflections, making the scene look other-worldly. The horses seemed to be suspended in mid air.

Canon 5D mk4 70-200mm F 2.8 @70mm ISO 800 1/200sec F8 Over-exposed by 1 stop and  the whites lighted in photoshop.

Our next White Horses photo workshop in the Camargue  18-21 May 2018