Travel Photography

Each year we add new tours to the programme- these are countries I have already visited and hope to be able to share their beauty with other photographers. We work with local photographers whenever possible to help get to the best locations and get closer to the local people. New destinations worldwide in 2015 & 2016 include Croatia, Morocco, India Holi Festival as well as Brittany and Corsica in France.

My aim is to make our tours as affordable as possible whilst keeping standards high. I am always on the look out for original destinations and some iconic travel photography. I’ll be running another tour to Burma where we will be going off the beaten track as well as visiting some iconic locations. I’m spending more time in Southern China and the beautiful regions of Yunnan, Guizhou and Hunan. Future tours will include Bali, Chile & Bolivia and other countries in Europe.

In order to get the most from these trips, the emphasis is on location photography rather than post-processing, though there may be some time for us to get together and look at each other’s work.