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White Horse Photography

There's nothing quite like the beauty, power and grace of White Horses running through the waves as they crash against the beach and our photography workshops teach you how to maximise your camera to achieve your perfect picture. As residents of France, we know how to ensure your holiday not only enhances the use of your camera in our workshops, but also that you have an amazing holiday.

Photography tours

Photography Workshops

Not only do we run photography workshops in our native France, but we travel worldwide with our clients. Our workshops run in France are extremely popular due to our local knowledge (we've lived here since 1992!), but we also take great pride in our worldwide tours and research and prepare every element of your holiday and photography workshops to ensure you experience the best we can offer you.

Photography tours
Our photography workshops

Photography Holidays

Our holidays are different as we not only offer you a fantastic break, but we also ensure that you learn how to take beautiful pictures. We do this through our photographic workshops and  photography tours while you're on your holiday. Everything is tailored around creating unforgettable experiences while becoming a master of your camera, be it an DSLR from Canon, Nikon, Sony or any other company.

Photography tours
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Why our photography holidays are unique.

My philosophy is simple. I love taking photographs, discovering new destinations and sharing the experiences with other people. I enjoy capturing beauty, whether it is landscape, a portrait or wildlife. I like to teach, to guide and to laugh. My tours and workshops aren’t relaxing but are hugely rewarding, full of fun and adventure.

I am English but France has been my home since 1992 and I’ve led tours in every corner of the country, including Brittany, Corsica, Provence and the Dordogne. The white horses of the Camargue are a particular favourite of mine.

Over 80% of my clients rebook and many have won awards with images taken on tour. So whether it’s the exquisite costumes of the Venice Carnival, buddhist monks in Burma or classic cars in Cuba, you’re sure to take some of the best photographs of your life.