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Armenia All Inclusive 7 Days Photography Tour   

Discover one of the world's oldest civilizations full of magnificent churches, stunning mountain scenery and ancient relics.


We’ll travel overland to Armenia and on the way to Yerevan, we will photograph Haghpat Monastery, one of the most important historical cathedrals in Armenia.   Overnight in 4 star Tufenkian hotel. (L, D).


Before sunrise, we will go to "Cascade", a 400 step stairway built on the side of a hill which offers a great view of the city and the 2 peaks of the Mt. Ararat. We’ll return to the hotel for breakfast then we will photograph Khor Virap, one of the most important churches in Armenia, located right at the foot of the Mt Ararat. Our next stop will be the Cathedral in Eicmiadzin, the spiritual and administrative centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church. In the afternoon, we head to the amazingly located Temple of Zvartnos which has Mount Ararat in the background. Tufenkian Hotel (B, L, D).


The next stop is Tatev Monastery which is located on top of a high cliff and ressembles an eagle’s nest. We will cross 2 canyons to get to Tatev, which has the longest cable car ever built. Overnight in the mountain town of Goris, Mina hotel. (B, L, D


Today our journey will offer a number of photo opportunities, first being Karahunj where we’ll photograph the stones with holes called "Armenian Stone Henge". It is believed they were built in 6000 BC and used for astronomical observations. Our next stop will be a historical caravansary located in a mountain pass which was part of the Silk Road. In the late afternoon, we’ll arrive at the historical cemetery of Noratus, known for its 1000 year old "Khachkars" -- beautifully carved out tomb stones with crosses. This is one of the most photogenic ancient cemeteries in the world. After a drive along the scenic Lake Sevan, we’ll proceed to Sevan hotel. (B, L, D).


We'll drive through the Tavush Province where we'll discover the medieval monasteries of Goshavank and Haghartsin. They have both been well-preserved and are located in stunning landscape. Our next stop is the picturesque village of Dilijan, located in a lush forest which is known for its medicinal  mineral waters. Overnight in 4 star Tukenfian hotel in Yerevan (B, L, D).


We drive to the UNESCO site of the medieval Geghard Monastery which is carved out of the rock face and surrounded by high cliffs. Our next stop will be the Garni Temple which was built in the 1st century, in greco-roman style and is the only remaining building of its type in the whole of the former Soviet Union. We will then photograph the impressive basalt columns known as the“Symphony of the stones”, along the side of a river gorge. Overnight in 4 star Tukenfian hotel in Yerevan (B, L, D).


Airport transfer.


*This tour is designed to run in conjunction with the Georgia Tour.  

My thanks to Mehmet Ozbalci for the use of his photos.

Armenian Photo Tour
Armenian Photo Tour
Noratus Cemetery, Armenia
Noratus Cemetery, Armenia