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Horse photography workshop in Cappadocia with  the stunning Yilki horses

Imagine photographing more than 300 wild horses thundering across a dusty plain at sunset. Join us for a series of shoots in Central Turkey including a huge herd of Yilki horses skilfully handled by talented horsemen. Be among the first photographers to capture these spectacular scenes!

Yilki horses were abandoned and turned loose by their owners and now live near Karadag, an inactive volcano near Kayseri. Around 600 of these horses roam free, and are left water in the summer months and food in the winter during snowfall. It will be a privilege to photograph the herd and the resulting images will certainly be original and inspiring.

We’ve chosen a luxurious cave hotel in Cappadocia for our stay. During this photography workshop, we’ll taste some of the best Turkish cuisine, meet some of the local horsemen and villagers and discover this beautiful region.

Other organised shoots include horses reflected on a lake at sunset and a show of skill from some of the horsemen. The backdrop of Cappadocia is spectacular and at sunrise the sky is full of hot air balloons. For those who choose to join us on the landscape extension, you will have an opportunity to photograph the famous fairy chimneys from the air. An unbelievable experience!

Yilki horseman in silhouette
Yilki horseman in silhouette